Running Cingular's Sierra Wireless Air Card 860 under the DuelAdapter

DuelAdapter Running a Cingular AC860
DuelAdapter, AC860 and Cingular Communications Manager

The DuelAdapter makes running Cingular's Sierra Wireless Air Card 860 on an ExpressCard equipped computer a snap. Other 3G wireless PCMCIA PC Cards should work as easily with the DuelAdapter as this example. These instructions are for running the AC 860 with the DuelAdapter under Windows XP.

  1. Install the DuelAdapter as per the included instructions
  2. Remember to check the A-B switch settings and follow the troubleshooting guide if problems are encountered during DuelAdapter installation
  3. Install Cingular's Communication Manager software on the computer
  4. Plug the Sierra Wireless Air Card 860 into the DuelAdapter
  5. Reboot (restart) Windows XP, leaving the DuelAdapter plugged into the ExpressCard slot, and the AC 860 plugged into the DuelAdapter
  6. On restart Windows should recognize the Air Card 860
  7. Checking the DuelAdapter information window by clicking the Duel Systems D icon in the 'system tray' will show the card, see image on the right of this document
  8. Use Cingular's Communication Manager software to connect to the internet, see image on the right of this document
  9. Due to the way ExpressCards are handled by the system, always use the 'Safely Remove Hardware' functionality before removal or the DuelAdapter or the PCMCIA PC Card
  10. Whenever problems arise, try step 5 again


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